Centreboard Handle Blocks Delete


‘This is my centreboard uphaul/downhaul mod. to avoid damage from the blocks dropping underneath the centreboard handle. (It has happened to me recently, hence the temporary white patch). Although there is a little more friction in the system now it is not a problem. In fact, the very slight braking effect makes the board movement smoother and reduces the effects of being overzealous when pulling on the line. The two 6mm lines in a 12mm id bush isn’t a problem either. Tension flattens the ropes and keeps them apart. Tested it on Sunday and all was good. Cost, one Allen A8539-29 anodised screw-in bush at c £15 plus 4 parrel beads for the lines. The bush is just the right length to screw up fully from both sides and was bedded with Sikaflex. 
I had to drill out the hole to16mm and lightly enlarge it with a round file to 16.5mm to get the bush in snugly.’
(Andy Shaw – H2 123)