Hadron H2 Specification

Summary of standard fit-out:

HADRON H2: Principal Dimensions:
Length over all 4.20 metres
Length on waterline 4.20 metres
Beam 1.95 metres
Bare Hull weight 56 kg
Sailing weight
(Including foils, fittings, spars and sail)
76 kg
Sail area 9.3 sq metres
Portsmouth Number (2018) RYA EPN: 1037. Great Lakes Handicap: 1030

Allen Brothers fittings are used throughout.

There are continuous control lines for the 16:1 kicker, Cunningham, clew outhaul and forestay, with cam cleats on the carlins, port and starboard. The falls of the control lines are led under the foredeck

The centre mainsheet system incorporates a swivel jammer with ratchet block, and a height-adjustable rope strop.

There are uphaul and downhaul lines for the centreboard, led to each side. The centreboard is fixed in the desired location by a friction device on the board.

A custom alloy rudder stock, tiller and 1200mm tiller extension is supplied. There is a downhaul for the the hinging rudder, with a snap cleat which operates in the event of grounding. The rudder stock matches with a custom transom fitting.

There are 3 screw hatches for inspection of and access to the buoyancy compartment. A drain bung is fitted in the transom.

Retrieval lines are fitted each side, with the slack taken up under the foredeck using shock cord.

The toestraps are adjustable at their forward end via clamcleats located on the thwart.

Vernier adjusters are fitted for the shrouds.

Various other options are available. Contact the manufacturers for details.